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  • We specialize in supplying and installing various hook lifts and roll-off systems tailored to fit your trucks. Our high-quality, versatile solutions enhance your vehicle’s efficiency and productivity, ensuring optimal application performance. Whether you need reliable waste management, construction, or industrial equipment, we provide durable and efficient hook lift and roll-off systems to meet your needs. Trust us for expert installation and superior service, ensuring your trucks are equipped with the best solutions on the market.

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  • We specialize in retrofitting and up fitting your single-axle trucks into tandem axles or transforming tandem axle trucks into tri-axles or quad-axles from brands we trust. Silent Drive stands out for its unwavering dedication to durability, top-tier quality, and enhanced performance through Axle Air Suspension upgrades, ensuring a stable and comfortable ride that sets it apart. Have foreign vehicles, like  Hino, Isuzu, or Mitsubishi? Silent Drive has complete airbag conversion systems designed to fit your chassis and minimize your frame stretch. At RC Truck Equipment, we are proud to be the largest distributor of Silent Drive by Dexter, a testament to our commitment to quality.

    But Silent Drive isn’t our only partner.

    Have light-duty American-made trucks like Dodge, Ford, and Chevy? We’re proud partners of Kelderman Manufacturing, one of the USA’s biggest Air conversion systems manufacturers.

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  • We provide high-quality piggyback forklifts designed specifically for mounting on trucks. Our versatile and durable piggyback forklifts ensure seamless transportation, allowing for efficient loading and unloading at any job site. With excellent maneuverability and robust lifting capacity, our piggyback forklifts are perfect for construction, landscaping, and distribution applications. Enhance your operational efficiency and productivity with our reliable piggyback forklift solutions, expertly installed on your trucks.

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  • Discover our top-of-the-line underbody hoists, designed to enhance the performance and versatility of your trucks. Our underbody hoists, installed beneath the chassis, provide seamless lifting and dumping capabilities, making them perfect for dump trucks in construction, waste management, and material transport. These hoists are built for durability and efficiency and offer superior strength and reliability, ensuring safe and smooth operation. Trust our expertly engineered underbody hoist systems to maximize your truck’s potential, improve productivity, and reduce maintenance downtime. Invest in our underbody hoists for unmatched performance and value.

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