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Dump Bodies

RC Truck Equipment manufactures all its CUSTOM Dump Bodies with structural steel framing to ensure optimal strength and durability. Our top engineers will expertly design, evaluate, and advise you on a proper hoist system that matches your requirements according to your truck specifications and your needs, with a choice of 12V electric over a hydraulic system that can handle hoist systems up to 15 tons capacity or a PTO (Power Take Off) system that can be used on hoists systems up to 50 tons capacity. We also offer a variety of pre-fabricated bodies in different models that will guarantee that they fit your needs.

You can choose from the various dump body systems listed depending on your needs.

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  • RC Truck Equipment Manufacturing specializes in customizing special dump bodies to fit any job you have. We can quickly and efficiently make those changes if you need to change existing bodies, flatbeds, or boxes into dump bodies. We specialize in customizing trucks accordingly if you need a truck for hauling masonry, landscaping materials, garbage, tree hauling services, construction, or any other specific needs. Whether it’s altering trucks to handle these tasks or improving their capabilities, we’re dedicated to delivering effective solutions tailored to your requirements.

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  • We offer a pre-fabricated line of Heavy- Duty Dump bodies from 6 cubic yards up to 30 cubic yards from brands like RS/Godwin, Beauroc, Hard-Ox, and more. These brands offer a variety of materials, finishes, and sizes to meet your hauling needs.

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  • RC Truck Equipment’s innovative Chipper Bodies redefine efficiency and versatility in collecting and transporting wood chippings and leaf clippings. Engineered with an unwavering commitment to empowering your business, our Chipper Body stands as the ultimate solution for the Tree Care and Landscaping industries. With a wide range of options, including cable, hook lift, combo, or permanent mount hookups, these are meticulously fabricated in standard sizes and tailor-made configurations, ensuring a perfect fit for your needs.

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  • RC Truck Equipment Manufactures all its CUSTOM Flatbeds with structural steel framing as follows:

    8-12FT Light Duty Flatbeds: 5-inch channels, long sills, 3-inch channels cross-members at 12-inch centers, 10-Ga smooth steel floor, hot rolled sheet.

    13-16 FT Medium-Duty Flatbeds:  6-inch channel long sills, 3-inch channel cross-members at 12-inch the center, and 3/16-inch smooth steel floor, hot rolled sheet.

    17+ FT Heavy-Duty Flatbeds:  8-inch channel long sills, 4-inch channel cross members at 12-inch centers, and 3/16-inch to 1/4-inch smooth steel floor, hot rolled sheet.


    • Side Pockets for 2 X 4 wood,
    • Removable Racks with 3″ W x 3/8″Thick Flat steel rub rails
    • Cab-Shield from 12″- 48″,
    • Wood Board Pockets,
    • Wood Floors, Hard Ox, Stainless Steel, Aluminum
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  • RC Truck Custom Contractor and Mason Bodies are built with a minimum of 3/16″ smooth, hot rolled steel floor up to 1/4″ thick steel floors to withstand the harsh environment of construction products and debris. To ensure strength, depending on your truck capacity and requirements, we use the proper-sized structural steel from  5″ to 6″ channels long sills, with 3″ channel cross-members for Light-Duty to Medium-Duty Trucks and 8″ channels long sills with 4″ channel cross-members for Heavy-Duty Trucks.

    Flooring material options include Smooth Steel Over Wood, Hard-Ox Steel, HR 450 Steel, Aluminum, and Stainless Steel.

    Side options include 12″ to 36″ High Sides (Fall Down or Fixed), with or without 6″ Wood Board Pockets.

    Rear Tailgate options are Dropdown Tailgate Only, 2-way Tailgate, and 3-way Tailgate (Hinge up/down, Side Swing Barnstyle), with or without Cold Chutes.

    Cab Shields from 12″ to 48″ deep.

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  • Our Custom Landscaper bodies are built to withstand all landscaping needs. Depending on your choice, they can be built on Steel, Stainless Steel, or Aluminum from 8 FT up to 20 FT long and from 3 FT to 6 FT high sides. Flooring options include Pressure Treated Wood or 10 Ga to 3/16″ Smooth Steel. Sides are built of 11 Ga to 10 Ga Steel. Our Landscapers have Structural Steel tubes or Channel Framing, accordingly, for durability and strength.

    Popular Options are Side Access Doors, Rear Dropdown Tailgate with Barn Style Doors on Top, Cab shields, Tarping Systems (manual or electric), Board Pockets, Access Ladders, and more.

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  • At RC Truck Equipment, discover custom-made Container-Style Dump bodies designed for everything from clean-ups and landscaping to masonry and construction. Our expert engineers streamline hauling operations, ensuring maximum efficiency and performance.

    Contact us to learn more and get a quote today!

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