Custom made medium duty landscaper dump body with 55” solid high sides, ¼ cab protector, side bar alongside to tie ropes. Rear optional for a barn type swing out doors, drop down tailgate and /or both combined.
5’ x 8’ custom dump body in process of building to be installed in a 2005 Mitsubishi Fuso as side dump. As shown in the picture below.
Finish landscaper combo unit dry van box in rear and a side dump in front.
15’ x 8’Custom made landscaper dump body 55” solid high sides, swing out barn type doors as shown in picture below, manual roll up tarp and ¼ cab shield.
Barn type swing out doors used in dump bodies and stationary bodies.
Custom made 14” ft dump body 12” solid high side with wood rail up to 48” high sides, aluminum I pack from buyers product.

Venco VC516 hoist 5-8 ton capacity wit direct mount pump and PTO .
1999 UD 1400 with 12’ dump body solid sides, 1/4 cab protector and manual rollup tarp. Heavy duty VENCO hoist up to 6 tons capacity.
Custom made combo landscaper dump body and solid platform in front.

48’ high solid sides swing out barn style door in rear.
Heavy duty harsh intl telescopic hoist, for more info check our web link .

Custom made rack dump body installed in a 2010 Ford F350 smooth steel floor over treated wood, Venco VC416 scissor electric hoist, heavy duty 12 volts 12,000 lbs capacity Ramsey winch in front bumper.
14’ dump body with 14” high fold down sides with wood rails up to 30” inches , 24” high double acting tailgate, full cab protector with manual roll up tarp. HARSH double acting twin cylinder hoist up to 20 tons, direct mount pump with hot shift PTO.
For applications that require both a dump-through tail gate and a lift gate, the Lift N Dump lift gate models offer the opportunity to have both in one package.

Lifting Capacity - 1000, 1300 and 1600 lbs.
Custom made 15’ ft dump body, 20 yard capacity light weight, heavy duty material, installed in a 2010 Mitsubishi fuso, hot shift PTO with direct mount pump, Harsh Hoist up to 10 tons lifting capacity, barn type rear door, manual roll up tarp.
PTO with double opening to hold two independent pumps, specially designed for applications where requires high pressure low flow pumps or high flow low pressure pumps, Crane and dump body for example.
Custom 16’ x 8 ‘ heavy duty rack dump body with: 6” channel under rail, 5” channel outer rails, 3” cross-members @ 12” centers, 3/16” smooth steel floor, 42” high racks on sides and rear, VC628 VENCO hoist, 10-15 ton capacity.
15 yard heavy duty dump body with air operated PTO and tailgate, asphalt chutes, track for top boards, low loader, ¼ cab protector, 35 ton pintle hook, 7 way plug, glad handles air controller.

Telescopic cylinder lift.
12’x 8’ contractor dump body with a palfinger crane. Direct mount PTO-PUMP drive, VC628, 8-12 ton capacity VENCO hoist.
12’ x 8’ custom pre fab dump body with salt spreader and Western Snow plow kit,

Direct mount PTO-PUMP driver.

Tool boxes and work lights.
GM VP6S These hoists are custom designed to fit your 1999-2010 Gas model Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra 8-foot box pickup truck.
For diesel trucks, this hoist will only fit the 2004-2005 models
FORD VP6F. (also available)
GM VP/VC 6600(also available)

8 FT body length

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